1. Do you have Part Time or Full Time Teachers? 
Ans. We employ only full time teaching staff, there is no part time faculty because of the following reasons. 
·  Student can ask doubts any time during the week or anytime before or after classes.

  ·  Student can come to the centre and take one-on-one sessions with the teachers and clarify all his doubts.

· Helps in preparing original study materials, test papers and assignments. The permanent faculty team also enhances Student-Teacher interaction, thereby boosting a student's confidence level through which they feel comfortable in asking questions in the class. 
2. What Teaching Methodology is used by your teachers? 
Ans. Our teachers conduct Daily Revision of preceding lectures, Concept clearing sessions in each subject are also conducted which equip students with all possible tips, tricks and short cut methods to crack the competitive examinations. Student to Teacher ratio at Focus Academy is around 20:1, where as  this ratio is very high in other institutes. Financially we are the losers but we cannot compromise as we are making a career of the student.