Special Batch for HCS Examination - 2021


21 Mar 2022

News & Updates Details

Dear HCS Aspirants, 

You will be glad to know that we are launching a special batch for the upcoming HCS Examination - 2021. Details of the batch are as follows. 
For Whom? 
1. Best for students of middle school level, i.e. Pre-Intermediate Level. 
2. For candidates preparing for competitive exams where questions asked on          English Grammar are that of basic level. 
3. Whoever wants to gain working knowledge of English Grammar. 

Duration of the Course! 
60 classes spread over a period of 3 months. 

What do you get? 
1. Lectures - Offline (Online - incase of exigencies like Lockdown or closure of educational institutions) 
2. Practice Sheets - 50 
3. Weekly Tests - 10 (Offline / Online) 
4. Quizzes (Online) - 50 

Learning Outcome of the Course 
1. Identification of Parts of Speech 
2. Usage of various Parts of Speech 
3. Sentences - Structure and Types 
4. Basic Sentence Patterns
5. Basic transformation of sentences 
6. Tenses 
7. Working knowledge of Phrases and Clauses 
8. Phrasal verbs 
9. Determiners + Quantifiers 
10. Difference between Parts of Speech and Figures of Speech